Chlorine Alternatives for Hot Tub, Spa Water Treatment

Although the toxic chemical chlorine has existed on an industrial scale since 1892, it was not until 1918 that the US Department of Treasury called for all drinking water to be disinfected with chlorine.

The need for an alternative to chlorine for hot tubs, was not fully understood when the first domestic hot tubs appeared on the North American market in the 1940s.

This need exploded when in the 70s the Cast Acrylic Shell Hot Tub manufacturing technique was introduced making mass production of hot tubs a reality.

Since the 70s many millions of hot tubs have been built, sold, and are currently in use.

PeroxysanTM since 1991 has become the #1 alternative to chlorine for hot tub, spa water treatment!
  • Over the past 40+ years, hot tub manufacturers have invested heavily in research and development, keeping ahead of the competition and attracting new customers to their brands, by offering the latest tehcnology of their time.
  • In today's hot tubs, we see models with better pumps, more jets, waterproof flat screen TVs, stereos with subwoofers, remote controls that float, LED lighting and some tubs even come with their own waterfalls and fountains.
alternatives to chlorine hot tubs and spas

Today, more and more people understand that the use of halogen compounds, such as chlorine and bromine, have been linked scientifically to serious illness.

With all this research and development to improve hot tubs, why has nothing been done to replace chlorine as a hot tub water treatment?

It's a fact...

North Americans are now ingesting from 300 to 600 times more chlorine then what the US Environmental Protection Angency considers a "safe" amount...

alternatives to chlorine hot tub dangers

While chlorine itself is relatively benign and was created to help keep us free from infectious diarrheas, it reacts with organic materials which already dissolve in water to form chemicals (known as DPB's) that are over 100 times more toxic than chlorine.

"Your body absorbs more chlorine after one hour in a pool than you would absorb from drinking unfiltered tap water for a week."​

Hydrogen peroxide is directly named in Dr. Mercola's report as a safer alternative to chlorine or bromide.

PeroxysanTM is a hydrogen peroxide based, hot tub and pool water oxidizing agent. It is clean, odorless, completely biodegradable and simple to use.

So why do hot tub manufacturers still recommend chlorine for hot tub water treatment?

Even though hot tub manufacturing has become very big business, it is not nearly as big as the chemical business.

  • An important fact to know is that organizations like the Chlorine Institute and the Chemical Manufacturers Association have a serious and well-funded interest in maintaining the status quo.
  • They bring intense political pressure to not ban the use of chlorine.
  • It is, quite simply, very profitable
alternatives to chlorine hot tub peroxysan

The bottom line is, the hot tub industry has always been based around chlorine, eliminating its use would mean eliminating most of the revenue they enjoy!

PeroxysanTM, since 1991 has been the #1 alternative to chlorine for hot tub, spa water treatment!