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Does Your Hot Tub Have These Symptoms?

Go from green and cloudy to symptom-free crystal clear hot tub water in 2 easy steps

Green Cloudy Hot Tub Water Leaving You Clueless About a Fix?

Chlorine, a product of the industrial era, has been widely accepted for treating water. But it was never designed for hot tubs that operate at higher water temperatures. And at these temperatures things can go SO WRONG like...

...your hot tub water transforms itself into a milky cloud or it exudes a greenish tint.

This is where you come in...

...add more chlorine - CHECK. Verify filter system working - CHECK. Water pH test - CHECK. Everything looks good. But you can't figure out that unsightly  water problem. Frustrated and bewildered? - CHECK.

What you might not realize, modern clothing synthetics, makeup, skin oils and hot tub chemical additives can react with chlorine at those elevated temperatures turning your hot tub into seething tarry witches brew.

But there is a bonafide hot tub rescue plan that's just inches away from solving your water problem.

Inches Away From a Wading Solution (Maybe a Tiny Miracle)

It's a prescription for stubborn hot tub water problems that seem to defy a solution. If your water is green it's going to dissolve away. If it's cloudy it will soon disappear. In fact, any water issue your hot tub experiences will be solved. How can we be so sure?

A patented take-no-prisoners peroxide solution is so stable at hot tub water temperatures. It cleans your hot tub WITHOUT reacting chemically with other substances in your water, unlike chlorine. It's called Peroxysan (pronounced per-oxy-san). We guarantee it will work. How can we be so sure?

With 10+ years and 100's of happy repeat customers we're sure Peroxysan will keep your hot tub water crystal clear.

A Friend With Benefits

Peroxysan is friendly to your hot tub. We know it's a sizable investment that you want to protect. With that in mind, Peroxysan is specially formulated so it won't damage or bleach your hot tub liner, filters etc.

Peroxysan has been tested in super duper government accredited labs and approved to be safe and effective in oxidizing microbes.

Introducing Peroxysan - You'll Love It and Might Even Brag About It

  • Easy 2-step complete maintenance system so you can get back doing the things you really want - more time in your hot tub than working on it.
  • No additional chemicals required so you don't get chemical interactions that mess up your hot tub water.
  • Non-bleaching natural oxidizer so it's harmless to your garments and hot tub and most importantly to your own body.
  • plus
    Costs less than chlorine because you won't need any additional chemicals
  • Peroxysan uses hydrogen peroxide that is specially formulated to keep your hot tub water clean and chemically stable so you don't have to add expensive chemical additives.
  • The human body produces peroxide to fight against microorganism. We put peroxide in Peroxysan. What could be more natural for fighting microorganisms in your hot tub than what we use in our own body. 
  • Peroxysan works on your hot tub the same way our bodies fight disease. it's only natural.
  • 100's of repeat customers are using Peroxysan because of its simplicity in maintaining hot tub and swimming pool water.
  • Even if you're new to owning a hot tub or pool, keeping it clean is as simple as adding 1 jug of Peroxysan to your water - no stabilizers, anti-foaming, pH additives, or alkaline additives needed.
  • Even if you have sensitive skin or have delicate swimwear, Peroxysan is chemically inert so you won't ruin costly garments or get a skin rash.

My Son Would Be In Pain 

My son suffers from vitilago which causes his skin to break out in painful welts. After changing out chlorine to Peroxysan his reactions disappeared.

Chris Ruhl, a Relieved Dad

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    We have recently replaced our current hot tub cleaning system with Peroxysan cleaning system and have happily noticed dramatic results. There is no unpleasant odour and there has been no towel damage whatsoever. Best of all, our skin actually feels softer and rejuvenated after having enjoyed a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

    John Sutton - St. Catherines

    I have used Peroxysan since May and cannot express enough praise for this truly exceptional product. Not once did I experience problems with algae or cloudy water. In fact the water was gleaming and sparkling clear all season. We also found that the water was softer and easy on the body and eyes.

    Brian Grisdale - Sudbury

    Since having Peroxysan installed I have had my first glass of water out of the well. Clear, no odour, and clean taste. I have also noticed a considerable difference in how well my shampoo and detergents work. Furthermore, bathing is more pleasant with the absence of rusty pungent water.

    Fritz Loitsch - N.O.T.L.

    Dare To Compare

    Peroxysan does everything that chlorine can do and more. Peroxysan:

    • plus
      is the only product you need and requires no other costly chemical additives
    • won't bleach clothing, hot tub shell and equipment and it is safe for the environment
    • offers free shipping
    alternatives to chlorine hot tub peroxysan

    The Future is Clear

    Imagine wading in a steamy warm hot tub, the water so clear you can see your feet in glistening blue water even as it effervesces from the action of the powerful jets. Your hot tub was so easy to maintain allowing more time to enjoy a soothing muscle-relaxing soak. No more fighting with cloudy and green water. You ask yourself, "If only I had gotten Peroxysan sooner and would have saved myself a ton of work and frustration." Now I have peace of mind and can really enjoy my hot tub!"  

    30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with Peroxysan's ability to keep your hot tub water crystal clear, just send us an email and let us know the reason for your dissatisfaction with our product. We would be more than happy to refund the full amount of your money back. Our philosophy is to provide the utmost care to our customers and to ensure your complete satisfaction.