Why Chlorine is More Toxic In Hot Tubs Than Pools

Doctors Expose the Dangers of Chlorine In Hot Tubs

Are you using chlorine in your hot tub, pool or spa? If so, you and your family could be in danger to harmful chlorine vapours.

Doctors recently revealed tests that showed prolonged exposure to a class of hot tub cleansers like chlorine and bromide can cause serious health complications and even death.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, over 7,000 documented cases1 of a noxious chemical commonly used in hot tubs were reported in 2015.

Sadly, 2 cases resulted in death from direct exposure. Chlorine was the causative agent.
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Why Chlorine Is More Toxic In Hot Tubs Than Pools

Like many other hot tub users, I've used chlorine for many years. But on one occassion I started to notice a deep red rash under the soft skin of my underarm.  Then another appeared on my chest. Everytime I got out of the hot tub, things just got worse and my health was spiralling out of control. Short spurts of hacking and coughing combined with shortness of breath after each hot tub session was draining my health. I suspected my hot tub water.

After mentioning to my doctor that symptoms occurred after bathing in my hot tub, he revealed that chlorine could be the culprit. He explained that chlorine can be more toxic in hot tubs than pools. "When you bath in your hot tub, the water temperature causes your pores to open allowing chlorine to concentrate in your body making it more toxic, causing health issues especially for older adults. Imagine your skin acts as a protective barrier but when exposed to hot water, it acts like the open holes of a strainer, letting water through," he said. 

The EPA classifies chlorine as a hazardous material and shouldn't be used in hot water. 

Why Is Chlorine Still Being Used If It's Unhealthy?

Chlorine was created during the industrial revolution and considered non-toxic at the time. However advances in science and medicine consider chlorine to be the new smoking. Chlorine gases act like a sponge, sucking up healthy cells from your lungs and skin, damaging and reducing lung capacity causing shortness of breath especially when prolonged and frequent exposure in hot tubs and pools. And unlike the industrial revolution era, hot tubs did not exist and people did not swim as frequently as they do today.

The chlorine industry is huge and the industry has been successful in lobbying governments in prevent the ban of chlorine. 

 If you're concerned then this message is for you. Here's why.

Recent advances in the treatment of water prove to be just as effective as chlorine without the harmful effects. And this solution is available right now.

In fact, ignoring the dangers of chlorine when a new and safe solution is available needlessly undermines the health of your family.

Scientists revealed that prolonged exposure to chlorine or bromine cleansers has proven to increase the risk of cancer, respiratory and other health issues. Chlorine and bromine belong in a family of chemicals called halogens. When exposed to skin and other organic material, halogen chemicals react creating dangerous carcinogens.

The more you are exposed to these halogens, the more you increase your risk of developing cancer. Gases emitted from these halogens when exposed to water, can cause significant respiratory problems.

Most People Try Alternatives They Think Are Safe

Most hot tub owners look to the latest methods such as salt and even "natural" methods but they soon discover none of that works.

  • What they don't know is that salt breaks down in water with chlorine created as a byproduct. They soon realize that they're right back with the same problem.
  • They try a more "natural" method to cleaning their hot tub but they discover that it is difficult to maintain and never really know how effective it is. The solution is just too impractical and doesn't work.

And what happens if they do nothing? They continue to expose themselves to the risks of these dangerous chemicals.

A Solution Tested in Government Approved Labs

Fortunately, a newly formulated product that has been available for more than 25 years and has been rigorously tested in government approved laboratories is changing how families protect their health while bathing in their hot tub, pool and spa.

What’s the solution? A proprietary blend of natural environmentally friendly products when combined create a stronger oxidizer than chlorine and yet is much safer for your health. Presenting PeroxysanTM. This product was specially formulated to oxidize microorganisms to protect you and your family's health and is the only product of its kind. Peroxysan'sTMmain ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which for over 100 years has been used to treat wounds against infection with no adverse effects and is safe for use in hot tubs. Unlike chlorine, hydrogen peroxide dissolves harmlessly in water without any noxious vapours.

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PeroxysanTM Is Safe For Your Family and Hot Tub Too!

  • Completely toxic-free in hot tub water even when treated water is ingested
  • Breaks down into water and oxygen in hot tub creating no toxic chemicals
  • Safe for prolonged skin contact without drying skin
  • Easy maintenance requiring no further addition of chemicals
  • Prolongs the life of hot tub machinery and filters
  • Fast acting water leveling
  • Does not stain or bleach clothing and hot tub lining

A Natural Oxidizer Made from Our Own Body

So why is PeroxysanTM safe? PeroxysanTM uses a proprietary formulation comprising hydrogen peroxide and a non-toxic additive. Hydrogen peroxide itself decomposes in water whose only byproducts are water and oxygen, making PeroxysanTM completely safe - it's designed with your safety in mind. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced within our own human cells, specifically within peroxisomes, as part of our own body’s immune system keeping us safe.

In fact, hydrogen peroxide is classified as a high-level oxidizer. When you add it to your hot tub, it will leave your hot tub clean, clear and pristine just like these users have testified.

What PeroxysanTM Users Are Saying

I have used Peroxysan since May and cannot express enough praise for this truly exceptional product. Not once did I experience problems with algae or cloudy water. In fact the water was gleaming and sparkling clear all season. We also found that the water was softer and easy on the body and eyes.

Brian Grisdale 
Retired Inspector - Sudbury Regional Police Service

We have recently replaced our current hot tub cleaning system with Peroxysan cleaning system and have happily noticed dramatic results. There is no unpleasant odour and there has been no towel damage whatsoever. Best of all, our skin actually feels softer and rejuvenated after having enjoyed a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

John & Tracy Sutton 
St. Catherines, Ontario

Since having Peroxysan installed I have had my first glass of water out of the well. Clear, no odour, and clean taste. I have also noticed a considerable difference in how well my shampoo and detergents work. Furthermore, bathing is more pleasant with the absence of rusty pungent water.

Fritz K. Loitsch 
N.O.T.L., Ontario


PeroxysanTM comes with a 100% money back guarantee. We want you to be pleased with the product or we will make it right.

If you're not completely satisfied with your odour-free crystal clear water that harmlessly dissolves into water and oxygen then we will make it right -- guaranteed.

PeroxysanTM is the only product of its kind in providing effective oxidation and reduction of organisms used by satisfied customers and professional spa owners. I take your satisfaction very seriously and back your purchase of the product and will not rest until you are completely delighted with Peroxysan.TM

There are no strings attached, no forms to fill, or nothing to prove. Simply send us an email to peroxysan@peroxysan.com with your date of purchase and the reason why you are not delighted with the product and will promptly refund your purchase.

Your satisfaction Guaranteed.

Barrie Price

Compare The Cost of Peroxysan to Chlorine

Treating your hot tub with chlorine requires additional chemicals and stabilizers unlike Peroxysan which is the only product you need. Peroxysan is a stable "natural" product - unlike chlorine. Customers who use Peroxysan reveal they don't have to need additional chemicals and stabilizers.



Approximate cost of Using Peroxysan  

$1.98 per day

Approximate Cost of Using Chlorine & Stabilizers

$3.93 per day

What additional chemicals and stabilzers needed? NONE

What additional chemicals and stabilizers required?

Start Up, Shock It, stabilized chlorine granules,  

Oxy Sparkles, pH decreaser, pH increaser, Spa Alk, Spa Cal, Spa Boost

Spa Clear-It, Foam Away, Spa Flush, Stain Prevent, metal scale control,

liquid algaecide, Algae Guard, Time To Shock test strips, Routine 6way test strips

Let's recap. You know now that Peroxyan is a safe alternative to the harmful effects of chlorine and bromine. Peroxysan is a strong natural oxidizer and is just as effective as chlorine. Peroxysan produces water and oxygen when it dissolves in your hot tub which means it is safe and environmentally friendly. Peroxysan requires no other chemical stabilizers, anti-foaming agents that could be harmful to your family's health. Peroxysan doesn't damage or stain your hot tub and bathing suits and towels and it doesn't leave a lingering odour, or dry skin. 

It's Your Choice

You can use chlorine and continue to expose your family to its harmful effects or you can choose Peroxysan and you see a noticeable difference. See for yourself the difference it makes on your hot tub pleasure and experience. It's time to choose.

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